Prof. Dr. Ligeti Erzsébet

Igazgatóhelyettes, egyetemi tanár

Semmelweis Egyetem, Élettani Intézet

English CV

                                                          CURRICULUM VITAE

Name: Erzsébet Ligeti

Citizenship: Hungarian

Institution: Department of Physiology, Semmelweis University, Budapest


  1974: M.D. “summa cum laude” at the Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest

  1981: “Candidate of Medical Sciences” (= Ph.D. in physiology)

  1990: “Doctor of Medical Sciences” (= habilitation)


  1974-1980: Research Fellow in the Experimental Research Department of

             Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest

  1980-1989: Assistant Professor in the Physiology Department of

             Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest

  1989-1993: Associate Professor in the same Department

  1993-    : Full Professor of Physiology in the same Department

  2005-2014: Program Director for the German language medical teaching

Teaching activity:

  1974- : in charge of lab-courses in physiology for 2nd year medical students

  1981- : lecture courses in physiology for medical students

          instructing medical and Ph.D. students to obtain their degrees

          participant in medical students’ oral exams

  1993-:  leading teacher in the Ph.D. program on Cellular and Molecular Physiology

  2005 -: Director of the Cellular and Molecular Physiology PhD program

Visiting positions:

  1981: 3 months in the Neurochemical Laboratory of the University of Dundee

        (head: David G. Nicholls), working on ion transport in synaptosomes

  1983-84: Visiting Scintist for 15 months in the Biochemical Laboratory of the Nuclear Center in

         Grenoble (head: Pierre V. Vignais), working on mitochondrial phosphate transport

  1987: Visiting Scintist for 3 months in the same lab in Grenoble working on neutrophil                         granulocytes

  1988: Visiting Scintist for 6 months in Grenoble working on the NADPH oxidase of granulocytes

  1991: Humboldt-fellow for 11 months in the Pharmacology Department of the University of                         Heidelberg (head: K.H.Jakobs), working on G-proteins of granulocytes

  1994: Visiting Scientist for 3 months in the Boston Biomedical Research Institute (Dr. Hartmut                   Wohlrab), working on mutagenesis of the mitochondrial phosphate transport protein

  1998: Humboldt fellow for 3 months in the Biochemistry Center of Heidelberg University

  2000, 2001: short term Fogarty fellowship at Harvard University, Boston, USA

Courses organized

  1989: FEBS Advanced (laboratory) Course on “Biochemistry of Membrane Transport”, Budapest

  1993: FEBS Advanced (lecture) Course on “Biochemistry of Membrane Transport”, Hungary

  1995: ICRO Advanced (laboratory) Course on “Biochemistry of Membrane Transport”

Languages: fluent in English, German, French

Other experiences and professional memberships

  1998-2013 Head of the Scientific Committee of Semmelweis University

  2004-2010 Member of the Medical Division of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee

  1995-2002; 2005-2008 Member of different panels of the Hungarian Research Fund (OTKA)

  2000- Consulting Expert of INSERM, France

  2004- Member, then President of the Medical Panel of Bolyai Excellence Fellowship

  1991 – Member of the Society for Clinical Investigation

  2011- Member of the International Society of Extracellular Vesicles


  1984  Award for Excellent Teaching, Hungarian Ministry of Education

  1989  Award for Excellent Scientific Supervision, Semmelweis University

  1996  Research Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  1997-2000 Széchenyi Scholarship by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Education

  2000, 2001 Traval Award of the US-Hungarian Research Fund

  2001  Award for Excellent Ph.D. Supervision, Semmelweis University

  2002  Arnold Ipolyi Prize of the Hungarian Research Fund

  2005: Szent-Györgyi Albert Prize, Hungarian Ministry of Education

  2006: Semmelweis Ignác Research Prize, Semmelweis University

  2015: Széchenyi Prize (from the State President)


  2003: Member of Academia Europaea

  2007: Corresponding Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  2013: Full Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences