I am Girasek Edmond PhD, an assistant professor at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at Semmelweis University, special focus on the importance of data and artificial intelligence in medicine, the health care system and also the higher education. “The proper use of data and artificial intelligence are fundamentally revolutionizing many areas of life, including medicine and healthcare in a broader sense. However, these technologies can significantly improve care if they are available and usable in everyday practice. The aim is to make these technologies available in everyday medicine and to address their sociological, legal and ethical implications. ” Special interesting areas:

  • Inequalities in healthcare
  • Health systems, and development of health systems
  • Big data in health and medicine
  • Aritificial Intelligence in medicine and healthcare
  • Social aspects of digital health
  • Health policy

I am teaching Medical sociology on both Hungarian and English language.   

I am member of the Semmelweis University Digital Health Research Group.