Dr. PhD Zsuzsa Széman

lecturer, researcher, professor

Semmelweis University, Institute of Mental Health


Recent publications

Széman, Zs. (2015) Transition of Long-Term Care in Hungary: Problems and Solutions. European Journal of Mental Health, 10(2): 245-255.

Széman, Zs. (2014) A new pattern in long term care in Hungary: Skype and youth volunteers. Anthropological Notebooks (SLOVENIA) 20(1):105-117.

Széman, Zs. (2013) Elder-friendly Housing Model: Results of an Action Research. In (ed): Széman,Zs. Challenges of Ageing Societies in the Visegrad Countries, Budapest: Magyar Máltai Szeretszolgálat, 130-137.

Széman, Zs. (2012) Family Strategies in Hungary: The Role of Undocumented Migrants in Eldercare. Journal of Population Ageing 5(2): 97-118.


Full list: https://vm.mtmt.hu/www/index.php?AuthorID=10008748