Dr. PhD Zsuzsa Széman

lecturer, researcher, professor

Semmelweis University, Institute of Mental Health


Zsuzsa Szeman, female, professor of sociology of the Doctoral Programme of the Institute of Mental Health of Semmelweis University, Hungary.

Presented numerous lectures presentations, authors and editors of many books, articles and research reports. One of the experts of the long-term Hungarian Strategy for Ageing People.

Experience in research:

  • eldercare,
  • long-term care,
  • migrant care workers,
  • ageing on the labour market,
  • social policy and ageing,
  • care and ICT.


Former international research projects:

  • Ageing and Employment,
  • Employment Initiatives for an Ageing Workforce,
  • HELPS,
  • MOPACT and on other international research projects (e.g. Japanese projects: PIE).


Participation in HAPPY AGEING (Ambient Assisted Living/AAL, 2009-2011) project which focused to improve independency and quality of life of older people living at home by developing three modules based on technology:

1. a lifestyle monitor, able to record main activities taking place in the home and compare them with habits of the monitored subject;

2. a navigation assistant to support the user in moving in close environment;

3. a personal assistant characterized by two main groups of functions.

Elaborator of several action researches, model programmes and intervention programmes (e.g. Skype Care, 2011-2015).



Semmelweis Excellence

Source of data is the database of SU central Library. MTMT identifier: 10008748

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