Dr. Peter Igaz

department director, full professor of medicine, MD MSc PhD DSc

Semmelweis University, 2nd Department of Internal Medicine



  1. Physician, MD (1997)
  2. PhD (1999)
  3. Biologist, MSc (specialisation: molecular biology) (1999)
  4. Board certificate in internal medicine (2002)
  5. Jurist, JD (2005)
  6. Board certificate in endocrinology (2005)
  7. Board certificate in clinical genetics (2008)
  8. Recognition of Quality in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (2009)
  9. Habilitation (internal medicine, Semmelweis University) (2012)
  10. Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DSc) (2013)


My 10 major scientific results since obtaining the PhD degree (in brief, as these have been discussed in more detail above):

  1. Exploration of the cytokine and cytokine receptor expression pattern of hypothalamic GnRH neurons and the functional role of oncostatin M (results of my study trip in Switzerland)
  2. Description of microRNA expression of adrenocortical and adrenomedullary tumors among the first world-wide
  3. Novel tissue and circulating microRNA markers of adrenal tumors, and identification of novel circulating microRNA markers for adrenocortical malignancy.
  4. The first functional genomics meta-analysis on adrenocortical tumors
  5. Raising the potential novel treatment option of 9-cis retinoic acid in adrenocortical cancer
  6. Showing the relevance of histamine in adrenocortical tumors
  7. Novel genetic polymorphisms by in silico approaches
  8. Description of novel clinical phenotypes of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2
  9. Novel hypotheses on the biological relevance of circulating microRNAs
  10. a. circulating microRNAs as tumor suppressors
  11. b. tissue specific action of microRNA as a defense mechanism against circulating microRNA
  12. Showing the efficacy of somatostatin peptide radionuclide treatment among the neuroendocrine tumor patients of 2nd Department of Medicine


My 5 PhD students who have already been awarded the PhD:

Dr. Peter Márton Szabó MD PhD 2011

(Title of Dissertation: Exploring the molecular patomechanism of adrenocortical tumors, Hungarian: A mellékvesekéreg-daganatok molekuláris patogenezisének vizsgálata)

Dr. Zsófia Tömböl MD PhD 2011

(Title of Dissertation: Exploring the expression patterns and pathogenic relevance of microRNAs in adrenal tumours, Hungarian: MikroRNS-ek expressziós mintázatának és patogenetikai szerepének vizsgálata a mellékvese daganataiban)

Dr. Zsippai Adrienn PhD 2013

(Title of Dissertation: Analysis of the effects of mitotane on gene expression and the pathways affected by microRNAs in adrenocortical carcinoma; Hungarian: A mitotán génexpressziós hatásainak és a mikroRNS-ek által befolyásolt útvonalak vizsgálata mellékvesekéreg carcinomában)


Dr. Zoltán Nagy MD PhD 2017

Title of Dissertation:

Antitumoral effects of 9-cis retinoic acid and mitotane and evaluation of microRNAs in adrenocortical
cancer xenograft models; Hungarian: A 9-cisz retinsav és a mitotán tumorellenes hatásainak és a mikroRNS-ek vizsgálata mellékvesekéreg-rák xenograft modelljein


Dr. Pál Perge  MD PhD 2018

Evaluation of circulating extracellular vesicle-associated microRNAs in patients with adrenocortical tumors; Hungarian; Keringő extracelluláris vezikula-asszociált mikroRNS-ek expressziójának vizsgálata mellékvesekéreg-daganatban szenvedő betegekben

Current PhD Students:

Dr. Ábel Decmann MD (since 2016)


Research projects supervised as Principal Investigator:

  1. ETT „Funkcionális genomikai vizsgálatok a mellékvesekéreg daganatainak patogenezisében – különös tekintettel a citokinek és receptoraik expressziójára” (Functional genomics studies on the pathogenesis of adrenocortical tumours – focusing ont he expression of cytokines and cytokine receptors) 2006-2008 – ETT 089/2006
  2. Semmelweis University Research Fund ”Funkcionális genomikai vizsgálatok a mellékvesekéreg daganatok patogenezisének vizsgálatában, különös hangsúllyal az immunrendszeri mediátorok szerepének vizsgálatára.” (Studies on the pathogenesis of adrenocortical tumours by functional.genomics approaches, focusing on the expression of cytokines and their receptors) 2006
  3. OTKA PD project 2008-2010 „Funkcionális genomikai, mikroRNS és fehérje szintű vizsgálatok sporadikus mellékvese daganatokban, gyógyszeresen befolyásolható patomechanizmusok felderítésére. (Functional genomics, microRNA and protein level studies on sporadic adrenal tumor pathogenesis in search for novel pathomechanisms.)” PD72306 – scoring: 9 (excellent)
  4. OTKA K project 2012-2015.  „Gyógyszeresen befolyásolható patomechanizmusok vizsgálata a mellékvesekéreg, mellékvesevelő és más endokrin szervek daganataiban” (Search for druggable pathomechanisms in adrenocortical, adrenomedullary and other endocrine tumors) K100295 – scoring: 10 (excellent)
  5. OTKA (NKFIH) K project 2015-2019. „Keringő mikroRNS-ek és extracelluláris vezikulák vizsgálata a mellékvese-daganatok diagnózisában” (Studies on circulating microRNA and extracellular vesicles for the diagnosis of adrenal tumours) K115398


Invited speaker at international congresses/symposia:


  • 13th European Congress of Endocrinology, Rotterdam (30. Apr. -4. May 2011)


Symposium 27 – Breaking news in adrenal malignancy:

Igaz P: Transcriptome analysis and microRNAs in adrenal tumours


  • 19-22. March 2012 Society for Endocrinology, BES2012, Harrogate, UK


Symposium:   Igaz P: MicroRNAs in the diagnosis and therapy of endocrine cancers


  • 22-24. March 2012. 46th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI2012)


Symposium:   Igaz P: Analysis of microRNAs in adrenal tumors


  • 22-23. Febr. 2013. 4th International Symposium on Adrenal Cancer (FISAC 2013) – Párizs


Symposium: Igaz P: Tissue miRNome as potential biomarkers for adrenocortical cancer + member of scientific committee


  • 27. Apr.- 1st May 2013. 15th European Congress of Endocrinology, Copenhagen


Symposium 19 – Recent advances in the molecular study of endocrine tumours: microRNAs and more

Symposium: Igaz P: MicroRNAs and gene expression patterns in adrenal tumours


16-20. May 2015. 17th European Congress of Endocrinology, Dublin


Symposium 16.3. Igaz P: miRNA as biomarkers in adrenal cancer?


8-10. Febr. 2017. ESE Basic Course:

Igaz P: microRNAs as biomarkers in adrenal cancer


19-22. May 2018. 20th European Congress of Endocrinology, ECE2018, Barcelona, Spain

New Scientific Approach 5 (22. May)

Igaz P: Circulating miRNAs in endocrine tumors


21-22. June 2018. 5th Central-Eastern European Congress on Cell-Free Nucleic Acids, Debrecen, Hungary

Igaz P: Circulating microRNAs and tumors


Membership in International Scientific Committees:

2011- ESE-ENDO IESP – European Society of Endocrinology – Endocrine Society International endocrine scholars programme – Selection Committee member (Grant selection)

2015 dec.ENS@T (European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumors), Adrenocortical Cancer Workgroup Scientific Board – member

2016. European Society of Endocrinology Finance Committee (member)


Scientific decorations, Prizes:

1994-1997 Hungarian Republican Scholarhip

1997 Abstract Award of the Hungarian Society for Immunology, 2nd Prize

1998. Babics Award for article written in Hungarian (divided)

1999: Youth Award of the Hungarian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism for article in the field of Neuroendocrinology

2001-2003 Hungarian Academy of Sciences János Bolyai Postdoctoral Research Scholarship (2 years)

May 2002. Award for the best oral presentation at the XIX. Congress of Hungarian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism

2006-2007 Hungarian Academy of Sciences János Bolyai Postdoctoral Research Scholarship (1 year)

2006 Markusovszky Lajos Award for an article published in the Hungarian Medical Journal (Orvosi Hetilap)

2006: Youth Award of the Hungarian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism for article in the field of Neuroendocrinology.

2008: Novartis award for poster on neuroendocrine tumors

2008: Gedeon Richter Ltd. Research Award

2009: Gedeon Richter Ltd. Publication Award

2012: Merit Award of Semmelweis University

2013 Markusovszky Lajos Award for an article published in the Hungarian Medical Journal (Orvosi Hetilap)

2013: Jendrassik Ernő Award and Plaquet from Semmelweis Univers

2018: Markusovszky Lajos Award for an article published in the Hungarian Medical Journal